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Booking a show:


We are a 28+ performance show that can be done in any venue, any size.  We can break up into a smaller show if you are looking for something scaled down a bit.  We can do any length of show needed, in any style of burlesque.  We can do themes, music styles, anything you can come up with.  We dance to recorded music normally, but can dance to live bands as well.



How to book a show:


First off please send us an email with:


1. What you are looking for.  A full show, a few dancers, etc.  Let us know what you want.


2. Dates, times, stage size, etc.


From here we will be able to give a good price estimate for a show.


NOTE : We don't generally do bachelor parties!!  But if there is a well behaved group at a safe venue, we will consider it.  Mainly we do band, speakeasy type shows and private parties

How do I audition?


We audition for our show every 6-8 months based on need.  We require basic dance training as well as a fairly open schedule.  We accept self tape auditions or in person auditions before our shows.  Please email us for details and for the next audition time!


Classes and Workshops


Don't want to perform but want to still have fun with us?  We teach a wide variety of classes and workshops!!  Check out our Classes and Workshops page for all the details on when and where.

Workshops in Long Beach, Orange County, and Palm Springs available!





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