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Storytelling....with boobs.

Welcome to the dazzling world of Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque! For over 17 years, this sensational troupe has been captivating audiences with their electrifying performances, infusing the soul with mesmerizing shimmies and irresistible shakes. Prepare to be enchanted by a fusion of diverse dance styles including belly dancing, ballet, jazz, hip hop, neo burlesque, and the tantalizing bump n' grind.

Dubbed the Chinatown of burlesque, Dirty Little Secrets Burlesque offers an enticing experience that appeals to all tastes. Whether you're seeking sultry elegance or bold exuberance, our talented ensemble of burlesque and boylesque performers is guaranteed to steal your heart and leave you begging for more.


Hailing from Southern California, this showtroupe has established numerous residency venues, from the vibrant streets of LA to the sun-soaked oasis of Palm Springs and beyond. What sets Dirty Little Secrets apart is their exclusive lineup of exceptional performers, ensuring that the only place to witness their extraordinary talents is within the confines of our dazzling show.


 From private events to large scale stage shows, even your favorite Long Beach dive bar, we do it all.


in 2013 the LA Weekly named the Dirty Little Secrets one of the top 10 best burlesque shows in LA.  A huge accomplishment considering all the talent in Los Angeles.  Since then, DLS performers have danced in competitions and festivals all over the USA, 

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